An Arting Instrument

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In here we sleep for an eternity. Until the world……..become MUSHROOMS! (wut)

Totoro! Everyone loves Totoro!
Well not really, since there’s a saying that Totoro is actually Death…..meh, who cares

This is an art trade with KanaUdon : D

Note that there’s a white creepy little creature at the bottom staring at you ÒvÓ

Btw I also uploaded a process bonus to entertain you =v=


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So got up and colored a sketch page =v=
Here are some of the characters for a story I’m trying to put together.. It’s really hard though cause there’s a lot of research to do, and I’m not good at researching ᶘ ᵒAᵒᶅ
I made a big mistake btw. That jagged teeth girl is not called Glennda… she’s called Canfer!! (I totally got their names messed up 0A0)
Okay goin back to sleep. Sweet dreams everybody =..=.。o○


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Found many blank cards in my drawers (I’ve found plenty of weird junk in there lately..)
This dancing (or drunk) little thing is Hinca. She does not have pink hair………FAIL.
Anywayz, making it into gif wasn’t my actual intention..but then it got amusing so Hinca become a dancing pink head….in motion 0v0 (well kinda)

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Solea // Big Deal from Giant Ant on Vimeo.

We worked with Breakaway in Boston to bring their script to life for Solea, an up-and-coming game changer in the dental industry. Solea is the first ever dental laser approved for use on hard and soft tissue… and that’s kind of a big deal.

Client: Convergent Dental
Agency: Breakaway
Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Teresa Toews
Script: Scott Maney (Breakaway)
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Art Direction & Design: Jorge Canedo Estrada
Design & Animation: Jorge Canedo Estrada, Nicolas Ferreira
Music & Sound FX: Ryland Haggis, Jorge Canedo Estrada

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A Ball & A Stick from Oscar Pettersson on Vimeo.

Animation exercise. Tried to dig deeper into shape layers, graph editor and animation in general. I have read “The Animator’s Survival Kit” by Richard Williams and tried to implement some stuff from that book.

Special thanks to BXFTYS for the amazing sound design. Me and Johan Fredriksson did BXFTYS showreel intro (vimeo.com/83589152) and the sound design for A Ball & A Stick was my reward.